Jon Patrick Hatcher's freshman book, 101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety, is available online and in stores, with two additional self-help, humor books to follow (2018).

The next book release, In Case of Anxiety... Anxiety Hacks for a Janky World is emergency "bibliotherapy" on the go. Flip through the pages of this quick reference guide for the coping skills you need in everyday anxiety-provoking scenarios, while gaining insight on your personal alarm system and how to turn it off fast. When anxiety makes you feel crazed, isolated, and even hopeless, you can respond and regain control.

Jon's third, and most anticipated work, Breaking-Up Badly - How Not to Self-Implode Following Your Breakup or Divorce is a hilariously relatable and cathartic book for anyone in the throes of a love lost. Men and women suffer a breakup in vastly different ways, and Breaking Up Badly coaches both genders with a unique, accessible blend of psychology and hilarity. Hatcher uses his own embarrassing but identifiable downward spiral as an example of what not to do, while colorfully illustrating the distinct stages of grief and the step-by-step roadmap to move through it to a better you.

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101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety is a funny and significant resource for any teen experiencing anxiety, and currently available at major retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and Amazon, or here: Ulysses Press.

Due to the anxious, young populace, the book current resides in the top 5% of all books sold via Amazon.

Nationwide surveys report that today's teens feel significantly more stressed than any other generation. Whether they face problems with school, friends, parents, or all of the above, teens will find a wide variety of easy, stress-coping methods in 101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety.

Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the most widely used and popular anxiety therapy among clinicians, the book helps teens simultaneously accept the existence of their negative emotions and choose to respond in healthy ways.

From mindfulness meditation and the repetition of positive mantras to diaphragmatic breathing and nature walks, the activities in this book both calm the body and keep thoughts from spiraling.

The authors also provide clear and concise explanations of the causes,   symptoms, and types of anxiety so that readers can stop attacks before they even begin. Teens cannot control what they think or feel, but they can control how they behave. Now, by following the proven and simple-to-use exercises they can achieve peace.

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